little things

An ongoing theme for me in the pool is "feeling the water." This seems to be the clincher for me to catch. It's like the water is a fine stringed instrument, and you learn to play it with your hands, learning the dynamics of shape, and direction. At the same time, your arms, shoulders, chest, and back are performing Herculean feats of strength and power.

Imagine a curve where power and strength originate at their peak in your core. As you move away from the core along the axis, functional power grows, due to precision. Your hands are the peak precision instrument. By the time your power and energy reaches your hands, it is so concentrated it needs to fit into a small delicate place where it can be transferred to the water. I think I need to draw a diagram this for it to make sense anywhere but in my head.

Time for a pencil and paper.

Every moment is a window which through mindfulness, we see our true Self.

Rest well.