a little something like this . . .

Ahhh the week ends, another begins.

We just finished a solid build, the first one with some real hard work. It only becomes better from here. You know how the song goes, fast is fun.

Saturday's Snorkel Swim.
Breath out from your nose when you have a snorkel on. APPL. H. BIO 3400 Experiment: Breathe in and out through a paper towel roll during your next 20-30 minute treadmill run. Think lung structure and guess what will happen. funny.

Saturday's highlight was most certainly three times the back side of Willis Point, fully loaded with spare tubes, bananas, bottles, and fenders on the cross bike. The idea was to descend from one to three. One was a good effort, and the only way to descend is to go faster. The only way to go faster is to pedal faster. There's a simple formula which adds to the reasons why cycling is absolute sweetness.

Kerry kept Andrew and I honest on the Wallace/West Saanich loop. Nice riding Kerry.

We finished with some steady state running off the bike and feeding time.

Today calls for a big shout out to Kirsty who placed 1st overall in the Vancouver 1/2 Marathon. Nice running! Clearwater? Yes, I do believe so.

Back home it went a little something like this: base run, operation hugification cont'd, flush swim, and sauna.

For the scholastically inclined, keep it up for another week! Break from reading is around the corner.

Rest well.