Forgetting is one of my fondest memories.

When I was young I used to forget the most simple things all the time, including just that, time. Remember summer vacation and forgetting what day it was? A couple days in and I would have completely lost track of time. A couple weeks, and I had to think for a while before deciding what month it was. Time was irrelevant. There were no commitments, no obligations, no expectations, other than be back home by dusk ish.

In modern Western society there is propensity towards reaction or anticipation based living. We react to events, "Oh, that was hard," or anticipate the future, "This is going to be tough." There is a place in between called now where there exists no past, and no future. Imagine a world with no restriction of time. There is just this moment, a perfect moment to live.

Saturday started with a solid ride. We cranked it up to 5 x the backside of Willis Pt. and added a little more intensity to our 3 x Wallace - West Saanich loop. Backside splits were: 9:24, 9:23, 8:12, 8:08, 7:50 with my trusty steed, Papaya.

By our 3rd WWS loop we were rolling along at a strong SS effort. Just before the Buchart Gardens turnoff we passed a commuter with painners, mirrors, the full MEC deal. About 60 seconds later, the cyclist rode past our pace line with a cheerful "Good Morning!"

I thought, "This isn't happening," and hopped in the draft only to find his pace instantly slow to 15km/h. Ok, after 3000' of hard climbing that's enough to make my blood boil. Big chain ring, and crush the hill. Dropped like a rock. The loop built to race effort and felt awesome!

Let's just say I could feel the goodness of our ride during our afternoon swim.

Flush the legs with a little fetch and it's time for bed.

Sunday began with a sunrise walk to the park and leftover spaghetti for breakfast. Name the time or the place and leftovers are my favourite. The run was at a beautiful Beacon Hill, and by 65 minutes my legs started to loosen up. Adaptation always happens, you just need to give it time. Andrew and I built to 20 minutes of steady state to finish off. When you both know the workout, it's cool how the pace can build just as prescribed without saying a word.

Next, we finished a cycle of Operation Hugification and hit the water for 2K loose.

2 weeks of good building, adaptation, Bazan Bay fast 5K, and Tucson!

Rest well.