Body is Precious

Think for one second of a Formula One race car. What comes to mind? Cool colours, lots of fancy sponsors, fast, high performance, speed machines,1000's of fans cheering loudly while clenching a warm beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other. F-1 cars are kind of like us eh?

Imagine of how much time goes into preparing the race car for a grand prix event. Absolutely every nut and bolt must be checked twice, then checked again. The engine is assembled, disassembled, and reassembled until running perfectly. What about after the race? I imagine it's a similar process of careful attention to every minute detail.

That car is precious to the team. It is the single most important piece of equipment they have. The race car is quite similar to our own bodies as high performance, professional athletes. What an amazing gift to be given on our very first birthday. Remember how precious the body is, and take care.

Nice day of training in the SUN! New swim standard for 30 x 50 on 60/40. Now hold the form, and set a higher standard next week.

While cycling up and down the observatory we saw what looked like a hawk doing barrel rolls, flips, and turns. Birds must have playful emotions.

The highlight of our fartlek run was finishing the 5K pace 4 minute piece and laughing. That was some good running. Fast is fun.

Time to let the engine cool down, and reassemble for tomorrow.

Rest well.