Turn off and Tune in

Today was a grapefruit day.

It started off with some delicious grapefruit for breakfast, and is finishing off with some grapefruit for dessert. Why grapefruit? Just because.

A big Thank You to Kerry, and her Mum Ruth, for hosting Patrick, Andrew, Scotty, and myself up in Whistler for the weekend. Thanks to PK for adding the trip to our schedule and planning it out. Thanks to Andrew for driving, and thanks to Scotty for the steady state pacing. It was great to spend a little time training on snow.

Recovery is an ongoing lesson that I am gradually learning. I understand a few of the why's, but there are many more questions to explore. I definitely appreciate the benefits of a change in pace, change in scenery, change in activity. A change in routine offers new stimulus, new challenge, and a new appreciation.

Just what is important for recovery varies from person to person. Some require more rest, while others need something new. I am starting to learn what is important for me. Now, the job is to act on it.

After our run this afternoon I noticed my legs were still absorbing some of the last 3 weeks efforts. My homework: "Deal with that."

Perfect. That's just what I need to do. Actively decide to deal with it. What am I going to to do to make sure my legs are feeling 110%? After practice I stopped by the town and picked up some heat liniment, then noticed the moon.

Wow. I needed a closer look, so I went down to Willows for an ice and howled a tune.

Now it's time to Turn off and Tune in . . .

Rest well.