Team Sport

Today I was told, "What I find amazing about Triathlon, is that it asks more of the body than required to survive."

Maybe so, but I believe the human body to be capable of far more.

When we train, practice, compete, expand and extend the performance of our physical body, there is much more happening than just what we are presently doing, feeling, or thinking. We find energy, strength, power, endurance from all around us, and deep within. As we share and rebound energy with those around us, we amplify our own development of Self.

When we toe the starting line, we are standing on a foundation of support from our training partners, coaches, massage therapists, doctors, family, sponsors, and the list goes on. This is why Triathlon is a team sport.

There is nothing like training together for hours and hours, day after day, to develop a strong sense of team. We develop an encouraging environment, where we are proud to watch one and other succeed.

When the gun goes off, we are out there with one direction, one purpose, but we arrive with thanks to the support of our team. As we cross the line, we do so with the strength of our team, eagerly awaiting an opportunity to share race day stories.

Recap on Wednesday/Thursday:

Wednesday -
Our swim included my new favourite set, 50s on 50/40. We do anywhere from 12 to 20. Soon to be 30 I bet.
Next, Andrew and I ran a Rithet's loop through ice and slush. We made our way back to the gym to progress with operation hugification.
The ride was a la rollers. I was in the perfect place for this ride, feeling the recent good training, and ready for more. I held a new max cadence of 150 on the rollers and nearly hopped right off with some big gear work. Max the envelope.
Our day was complete with a Yoga session coached by Lisa. Awesome.

Today -
Adaptation swim,
Recovery run.

Tomorrow will be a great day.

Rest well.