Within our training group, I would guess that shavasana is the most enjoyed yoga posture. It is extremely enjoyable, and in a sense I believe it to be the most meaningful of all poses. It is the "corpse pose." It is when we slow down, realize, and absorb the benefits of our Yoga practice.

Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of thought. It is motionless. It is still. It is calm. There are points in Yoga practice, just as in training where we overcome boundaries, understand plateaus. These are most vital times in training, and in Yoga. This is where we listen to our bodies, tune in to the sound of living, and our own breath, the sound of life.

Much like Yoga practice, we finish off a challenging training cycle with 3 or 4 days of adaptation. This adaptation period is like an extended shavasana. It is a chance for us to slow down, realize, and absorb the benefits of our Triathlon practice.

Listen to the sounds of adaptation. Appreciate the benefits of our training. Realize the benefits of our practice, and as always . . .

Rest well.