S & P

quick thought before sleep.

It's cool how your body lets you know how you are using it. Today we had our second track workout. Funny thing was that my hands were the most stiff and soar part when we were finished. Tension . . . relax the hands, relax the shoulders, drop the elbows, lift the head, feel the pineal.

I'm looking forward to finding the "track gear." I almost had a smell of it this week. It's in the oven, tastes are blending well, flavors and aromas finding their niche. Fall seasoning was just right with the perfect amount of Parisian Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper. Next week it's time bring out the wooden spoon, give 'er a stir, and taste the magic. Let's make it a pot luck and everyone can enjoy, because Fast Is Fun.

Nice swim this morning, good hilly ride, and as you may have guessed, fun run. Nice build to tempo with Andrew to start out, and Scotty showcased some speed on the track. Awesomeness.

We're up in Whistler until Monday night for a little training of the X-Country variety.

All those staying in Victoria, train well and enjoy this weekend. Thanks for the solid 3 week build back into training again. Let's finish off the build, and be ready for some recovery next week.

In the mean time, rest well.