One of the questions I am sometimes asked is, what was your athletic background? I have spent a little time thinking about this and generally I give a different answer each time I am asked. However, the theme stays the same: I like the outdoors, I love adversity, and I dream big.

There was a time when I was becoming more and more interested and involved in mountaineering. I was fascinated by fast ascents, and early starts. One of my teenage mentors was Patrick Morreau. He taught me many lessons on climbing and life. For a couple winters we went up to Mt. Arrowsmith here on the island. It's actually a pretty decent place where some skilled climbers go to find more technical local routes. I still like to hear about and read climbing adventures.

Some of the stories from high mountain climbing are truly out of this world. If you have the chance, check out this month's National Geographic for an article on Himalayan Winter Climbing "Ice Warriors."

"They have not slept for two days. They reached Camp 3 (22,146ft) on the ridge the day before and spent the night huddled inside their tent, clinging to the poles to keep them from snapping in the wind. The temperature is minus 40C, the wind gusting at 60 miles an hour."
-Mark Jenkins; National Geographic,National Geographic Society; Jan 2008; pp. 110.

Find out who you are! This is how the Polish do it. How do you?

Fun run today. If you're interested, results are at www.pih.bc.ca
Comfortable the whole way through . . . ran in the envelope to 5K . . . smiled, and held on for a bonus 3K.

Here's to another great week.

Rest well.