Lightning Crashes

I have always been intrigued by the nervous system. It behaves quite unlike any other system in the body; omnipresent, night and day, connecting the antenna. It wires the switch to the bulb. Maybe as a system, it is the antenna.

Physiological changes in the nervous system are often overlooked. While training, it is easy to focus on systems such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal systems. This morning Neil brought to our attention some of the neurological changes, in particular increased Myelin Sheath wrapping, which occurs when learning a new skill. Ahhh, Human Phys 3420, 2nd or 3rd unit test. . . good times.

It is so incredible to think that we are changing the structure and function of our very own nervous system. Here we are, switching the connection from dial-up to broadband. (Not a perfectly accurate metaphor, but it'll do) Amazing. Practice, Practice, Practice indeed.

Make sure you eat your Folate. If I remember correctly, it is essential in Myelin development.

Tonight's mix: Green Tea mixed with Anti-Viral, Ice, and a few bEAts.

good tune, time to rest.