ice is nice

By nature, I like warm things. Warm water, fire, sand, air, sun, food, drinks, these are all nice to enjoy warm. Contrast definitely heightens the sensual experience, like hot tea after a cold swim, or cold cheeks and a hot core while hill climbing with Papaya.

Today was my first day back to full training, and it's great to be back. Typical Tuesday Training starts with swimming. It felt awesome to stretch things out in the water.

Next, Brent, Andrew, and myself went out for a sweet cross ride. I must admit that graceful may not have been the first word coming to mind of any onlookers gazing in my direction. Fortunately for me we were rockin' out amongst some gnarley trails, hidden from public view.

I love feeling of climbing over something, or finessing the bike around some obstacle that may have looked intimidating, but definitely crossable. It's the same feeling as finishing a run workout faster than you thought possible, or creating a new standard in the pool.

We finished the day with an intro track session at UVIC. I have never done track workouts before, but I think I will enjoy them.

Time for ice.