egg shells

When setting the alarm each night I am faced with a choice: more sleep, or more rushed. It's a funny choice, because for only 10 more minutes of sleep, there's a lot more rush. Sometimes however, that 10 minutes can be priceless.

It's really no problem when you are down 10 minutes. You just need to find a way to squeeze 10 minutes out of something else. Little things add up. For example, this morning I went for toast instead of oatmeal (about 3 minutes prep time saved + eating can be done while packing), and brought the boiled eggs with me in the car.

Boiled eggs can be a challenge to eat while driving. The trick is to crack and peel with both hands out the window at stop lights, and eat while driving. 2 eggs down in the first 5 minutes on the road, there's your 10.

Good effort this morning in the pool. 400s and 50s drafting. It's fun to go fast.

Sweet cyclocross ride with Andrew. The first time I thought about how long we had been riding the clock was at 1:40 and we were at Royal Roads. Time flies when you're having fun. The rolling resistance is super touchy on frozen ground. Either your wheels sink into a kindof granular frozen slushy mix, or there's 0 resistance. It's fun to go fast.

Today's run included a build to SS at the lakes. Nice temperature, nice air.

Rest well.