bryan adams to bamboo

Today we finished off with one of the best Yoga sessions for this year. Patrick put on some calming Japanese Bamboo Flute music as we began with our feet up the wall. The shift from Big Gear, High Cadence, High Heart Rate, Bryan Adams to Yoga definitely takes practice. This music was definitely helpful in the transition.

I think a Jam session (can we call it that?) is in order with the flute and violin. If it's cool with my fellow RV'ers, I'll bring along the violin and we can play some tunes down in Tucson.

Neil talked more on neural plasticity today. I like the phrase, "Stay on it." When learning a new skill, it is so important to stay on it, maintain the alpha state, change and recreate the pattern.

I stayed in the water for todays run as my legs still needed a little time to recover from the weekend. I find the occasional water run helpful to learn core activation and stretch out a tired or stiff body. I wonder what would happen if we dumped a truck load of Epsom salts in the pool.

During today's roller ride I had a chance to really test out the extra resistance. Max resistance felt pretty easy to start out with, so I decided to leave it there. All you need to do to notice the difference is shift into 53 x 11. Wow, that was a challenge to maintain a cadence above 65 or 70. Good ride.

The next 35.5 hours are for recovery. Recovery swim, Weights, Water Run.

Rest well.