bodacious breakpoint

Band and Breakpoint, these are two of the best ways to help find the feeling of water.

Yesterday's band work made it clear whether I was either catching water, or leaving it behind. Every kilometer or so, I remembered a cue word or feeling associated with a swimming movement. What does that movement really feel like?

Feelings have the ability to transport you back in time to the moment you first experienced it. In this case, the moment you learned a new technique or improved upon a skill. Remember the feeling, remember the skill. Sometimes cue words can useful to remember the feeling. The tricky thing is that the focus is on the feeling, not the word.

Every now and then we separate ourselves from everything but the feeling. I think this is where we step closer to the zero point, or the zone. We step out of the past and future, into right now. Here we are back to step 3: Allow.

Today's breakpoint swimming had similar benefits. As we practice, we tie together the feelings, remember, and go.

Next we had a short run just to feel the legs. Within the first couple minutes, mine reminded they are alive, and thanked me for the great ride yesterday.

This afternoon's ride was a la rollers. Correct tire pressure is key. I brought the pressure up to 120 and felt much more control. I love being able to crank up the resistance on the new set of rollers. There is a magnetic strip that runs along side the rear cylinder, adding up to 200Watts of extra spicy salsa. No reason to spin an easy gear just because your on the rollers!

Next was a Hatha session coached by the lovely Lisa Banks, and back home to fuel my cookie addiction.

Enjoy the wind, and rest well.