As the training intensity gradually builds, our weekly schedule changes to accommodate the load. Thursdays are now an adaptation day. Adaptation days are extremely useful for skill development. These are the days when speed is put on the warming element, and skills are brought right up front onto the top burner. It's important to keep the speed warm, so when you mix back in the skills, dinner is ready.

Lately my swim focus has been on hand position, essentially feeling the water. I am working specifically on wrist extension for the push phase of my stroke. Push and finish the stroke. Feel the glide. Feel the water, start to finish.

There is so much happening around us, it's a good thing we have a mind that can go on autopilot every now and then. Can you imagine if we needed to think about absolutely everything we could see, smell, feel, hear, and taste? It might just become a little overwhelming. Thankfully our bodies are designed to primarily recognize changes.

When we slow down, breathe deeply, and listen to our true Self, we become aware. We become aware of the world, the Universe, aware of other people, animals, all the perfect minerals, trees, rivers, lakes, and oceans surrounding us.

Much of skill development comes down to awareness. In a sense, we turn off the autopilot and become aware of what we are doing. We recognize the motion. Then, consciously we decide what it feels like, what it looks like. Now, what are we aiming for the motion to look and feel like? We separate the two and make a choice.

It is a challenge to keep that autopilot switch off. But it's worth it, not only in skill development, but also from day to day, minute to minute, moment to moment life.

Thanks to everyone who made this a perfect day. Rest well.