Good fun and good miles this weekend; swimming, biking, and running.

Saturday's ride was nice one. There are so many trails in to explore in Victoria. We found our way up to Christmas hill, appropriately named for this time of year. It was a great place to bring Papaya for some biking and hiking. Some of the trails are a little too technical to ride up, but I found a really comfortable way to throw the bike over my shoulder, perfect for running up stairs. I have a good feeling we will find some awesome routes through the burbs this week.

Saturday's swim was c. o. l. d. Fortunately there was a hot tub waiting.

I cruised along the rocks and sand along Dallas road for my run this morning. I felt pretty west coast running over piles of seaweed and drift wood, so to continue the feeling I came home and made a pot of organic green tea. Granola, organic free range bananas, and non-GMO yogurt hit the spot for breakfast.

This afternoon I enjoyed a picturesque picnic up at Goldstream.

Trainer time. See you tomorrow.