Pins and Needles

It's a funny feeling when we allow ourselves scheduled rest time. I find it so easy to find other things to do, and projects to start.

Today as I was putting away some laundry, I thought for a second. "I don't have to be doing this. I could just toss it all on the floor, and pick up clothes as I need them. Will the world be any different if I decide to take a nap, or read a book instead?"

The same question applies to everything we do, even the bigger things. In 100 years, will the world really care whether or not I put away my laundry on Thursday morning? What about in a week when it's all dirty, and needs to be washed again.

I can remember sitting in the office at Oak Bay High when one of my teachers told me, "Stephen, you don't have to do anything." I thought, "Really?... You're right!"

The thing is that we always have a choice. We can choose to do it now, or choose to do it later, or choose to do something entirely different. Another big choice we also have is how to feel, always. Any situation, any job, any task; We choose how to feel. Talk about a privileged life.

I choose to throw down the laundry and patch up some spare inner tubes for Papaya. I finished the laundry later.

Todays pictures are from Ogden Pt.

Great day. Let's go for a swim!