Life, The Adventure

I love Adventure.

Driving home from the pool in the pouring rain this morning I was tired and hungry. It reminded me of so many tired and hungry adventures. I love the feeling. The feeling of a pack, hiking boots, poncho, rain, hungry, tired is like any other great feeling. Remember the cold salt water splashing, the wind blowing. It's just like the feeling of running, swimming, biking in the sun, wind, hot, or cold; the feeling of living.

I can think of experiences that were total "adventures." Just take a little bit of the unknown, add something new, and let the pot simmer. Times shared I will remember forever.

Every moment is a new adventure. Every moment offers a new opportunity to experience. We create new thoughts, make new connections, feel new emotions. Add the earth, and here we are, living the adventure.

It has a while for me to let this weekend sink in. It will be a little while before I know just where it all fits in. One thing is for certain, the same positive affirmations keep showing up. No words to explain it, just a feeling. Carry on the mission.

I was able to put in some good snow time and had a few hard efforts. All it takes is one or two extended strong efforts to crack open the ski race zone. Here's to the next chance we have to pop the cork on a new bottle of zone.

Big shout out to the group this weekend. You guys are the definition of coolio. Special thanks to those who shared the ride back. Your absolute chillness is sweetness.

Driving home after supper I was again convinced that although I do enjoy good food, there is way more to the energy than ATP. This evening I enjoyed dinner with my Gran and Dad. After an eventful weekend it's great to be grounded. Thanks for a nice dinner, conversation, and ongoing support.

Great week ahead.