Today can be described by an all new acronym. JSA stands for Just Simply Awesome.

Our swim was a typical Monday swim, redesigned to meet the entertainment quotient by Mike The Iron Man Neil. We rolled through it quickly and two winks of one eye later, I was chowing down on a Cliff bar with apple sauce for dipping. This better than gourmet feast was courtesy of the Athlete's Resource Room in PacSport.

The early morning's sunshine was a perfect start to the day for which I am thankful. Remember, if you love the sun, you need to be equally thankful for the rain.

Driving home I belted out the lyrics to Big Eyed Fish and Bartender by Dave Matthews. Everyone's a rock star in the safety of their own car. Belting it out feels good.

Back at the Rec things are busy with the upcoming resolutioners. Good for you guys. Stick with it because anything worth anything takes time.

This afternoon was my final bike TT up at UVIC. The conditions were 31.5 degrees, 70% humidity (my heavy breathing cranked this one up), pre-cooling vest, and 20K. I felt pretty good the whole way through, even having enough to kick it up for the final couple kilometers. I tried the sprint from 18K and sat back down at 18.67 . . . too early. I was back out of the saddle at 19 K to take 'er home. Now Monday's are officially back to being a recovery day.

There will be some useful numbers to come from all this work. Numbers are interesting, somewhat irrelevant, but still interesting. They are a little like the picture on the lego box. Here is what you can build if you follow the directions. For me that final product would last until about December 25 at 6pm when it was time to take it apart and build something else, not found on the box.

Only you decide what the pieces will look like when they come together.

Rest well.