good night

Perfectly Perfect.

Nice day of training on a paradise island in the South Pacific. An early morning wake up found me in good spirits for a smooth early morning 4K. I am starting to feel some changes from the added swim volume. I must be convinced that's a good way to swim faster.

There are a couple benefits from swimming early: Number one, the muffins from Waveside Cafe are fresh out of the oven; Number two, mid morning naps.

Today was the first time in a couple months where I have been able to enjoy both of these two treats. It could have been the nap, or the blueberry cranberry muffin, but either way I felt awesome all day.

After work I hopped on the road bike for a spin of the waterfront. Black Lightning feels like a Formula One race car after riding through the mud with Papaya. My confidence going into corners has improved too. Ohhh cyclocross, you continue to impress me.

Swim practice #2 was better than awesome. We did an eye opener set and I made the following conclusion. If you are going to swim faster, it is going to feel different. This may seem obvious, but it's finally sunk in with me.

During the first few 75's I was holding 53-54 seconds on 60. That's ok, but you may as well go faster. So I swam faster, 52-53 seconds. Again, that's ok, but here you are swimming so you may as well swim faster, 51 seconds. This feels different that swimming 53-54 seconds. Go figure. I was content at this pace, a couple seconds faster than last time we did the set.
Eye opener.

Today's run included a couple drills and strides with a short waterfront loop. Running in the dark makes me feel fast and cool.

Tonight's dinner was the beginning of Christmas eating.

TisbaHu 'ala kher