I have a new way to entertain myself at work in the gym. Not only does it keep me occupied, it will also help me achieve my goal of cracking the 6 foot mark this year.

The chin up bar is the perfect hight for me. If I jump up and grab the bar I can hang with my feet just off the ground. Gradually as I relax the shoulder and spinal muscles my toes touch the ground. Eventually, after hanging there for about 3 minutes I can touch my heels to the ground also. Repeat this 5 or 10 times with some recovery and there goes almost an hour.

Another entertaining toy is the scale. I spent a good amount of time weighing my legs, feet, and arms. I didn't go as far as putting my head down on the scale.

The sphygmomanometers along with the stethoscopes have also provided much entertainment. They are about 100 years old and require a lot of athletic tape to plug the holes before they become operational. Definitely a two person job. It's important to make sure this equipment is ready for use at any time. I am taking responsibility to make sure it doesn't go rusty.

I also found some workout tapes that look like they are from the late 80s. I'm not sure if the Rec Centre has a tape deck, but if it does I'm impressed.

Balloon animals made from surgical gloves are pretty good too, but they are a little obvious.

Good training today and a very thought provoking conversation with Milton.

Thank you world. Rest well.