Beauty day of training.

Swim - 5.2 K as 1500 WU, 15 x 100, 2 x 1000, 200 Cool Down. Just roll, and before you know it we're on to the next set. To be honest, sometimes I used to dread swim practice. (Of course Now I love every moment of it) Swimming meant lots of really hard work, even on the easy stuff. Just try to keep up and hang on for dear life right from the splash.

I like to remember these practices. Some technical things have changed with my stroke, but the foundation of why carries on and grows stronger. Reflection on where we have come from offers a neat perspective.

Here I am. Love the set, the moment, the opportunity, the gift.

Work, Lunch, Run/Walk phone calls and e-mails, insurance is in, permit is in the mail, upcoming interview with CBC in the works, good deal.

When I arrived at Elk I spent a couple minutes enjoying just the sun and air. Nice crisp day. I hopped on Papaya and began to enjoy the earth and wind as I rode. What a perfect riding day along farm roads behind the lake. Towards the end of my ride the game turned a little physical between myself and a tree. Most would say the tree won, but I held my own.

Nice run with 5K building to Tempo II. I am staying out of the danger zone unless the race or Grand Master PK dictates it. I kept it in control for the Tempo and focussed on maintaining posture. Smooth. Nice run today by Scotty. Good work buddy.

Swim practice tomorrow is coached by Mike the ironman Neil. I am predicting some underwater swimming and breath holding.

Breath deeply, Think thoughtfully, Sleep soundly.