Steady as she goes.

Right now I am enjoying a cranberry oatmeal cookie. Really there is nothing else in the world that could satisfy my western sugar addicted taste buds quite like this.

The past few days have been really busy with work and training. Tonight I'm off work so we have a chance to catch up.

First and foremost: Tepi is now a celebrity. If you still have the Times Colonist from Saturday, check out the front page of the business section. You can see "her fingers dance a ballet as they carefully fold the Rogers chocolates like origami." Way to go Tepi! 14012m on Tuesday. Epic!

Lots of new rehab clients at Oak Bay means lots of new programs. It also means I need to go back in to the box of tricks to find new exciting exercises. This helps to keep things interesting for me as well as who ever I'm working with. The other day I came across the very first core routine I ever did.

They are timeless set of exercises that really get the job done. 24 minutes of work start to finish and you're set. I've been throwing these in the mix around the rec centre lately. It's cool to see someone else doing a pool exercise you taught another person earlier on in the week.

Swim: more band swimming today ... "you asked for it, you got it." I like good band sets.
Bike: cycling in a cyclocross fashion. 10 minutes from town and we're on perfect, quiet, peaceful trails. practice, practice, practice.... I'll be singing Bob's Redemption Song at the next one.
Run: good run today. tempo was e to the z. and "I like hills."

Things are rolling along well in the training of myself department. It's interesting. As my attitude and understanding of mySelf evolves, so does my moment to moment experience.

The other day I was thinking about comfort. What is comfortable? What is uncomfortable? What's the difference anyways? Where do these feelings come from? What can I learn from each?

I guess the same can be said for any sensual experience. Cool questions to ponder when you're riding or through the trails at Heartland.

I am now finished the cranberry oatmeal cookie and the only way to keep my neural addiction going is to eat another.

Cookie time. Journal time. Yoga time. Bed time.