play the tune

I just had a flash back to my days of playing in the Victoria Music Festival each April. My brother Graeme and I had just finished playing our duet. We were sitting down in the front row with the other musicians in the Violin & Viola category, waiting for the Adjudicator to compose and share his thoughts.

I can clearly remember what the adjudicator said. He started out by asking us to imagine we were in Carnegie Hall in front of a huge crowd. The bright stage lights were shining off our instruments. We were dressed in the most classy tuxedos. Everyone was there just to see us, and listen to our music. We were to think about performing, playing, just letting it flow. He asked us how this would make us feel. . . . strong, confident, (maybe a just little nervous), but happy and blown away just to somehow be there. Now, bring exactly that feeling here in to the Philip T. Young Recital Hall.

His message was to feel you dream, let it be, and bring it into right now.

Summary of today's training:
  • Swim faster if you want to go faster.
  • 3 weeks until the next 100m TT. 1:03. Maktub.
  • 1 week (I think) until the next 400m TT. 4:59. Maktub.
  • Cyclocross is fun.
  • Drivers are crazy.
  • November is cold.
  • Wash your training clothes.