T - 4 Sleeps

Training is the definition of sweetness.

I woke up this morning with a bit of a soar throat. Lately I've been taking the Vitamin C and Ecchinace. The instant remedy that seems to work for me is honey comb. Get a nice big spoonful of some good organic honey comb and just chew on that for a while. You will feel better within 15 minutes, I promise.

If you're interested, other remedies include: Gargle with Tabasco Sauce, Horseraddish & Clove Tea, Sage Tea, Boiled Onions, and Honey with Apple Cider Vinegar. I will tell you more about these fix it all cures another time.

I brought a thermos of green gunpowder tea with me to the pool deck too. Basically just because of the name. The only draw back was the taste. The taste of green tea has been compared to that of steamed hippie underpants. A really dirty pair. A pair that has only been washed with organic non-g m o sand and hemp oil for the past 3 months. A pair that has flax seed stains on it and it has a faint aroma of chi tea, not to be confused with tai chi.

100 m into the warm up... I'm tired. 200m... yep, still tired. 300m... yeah, slowing down a bit.
400m... you know what... this is awesome! I love swimming. I was totally pumped to be there.
The main set was a perfect opportunity for us to work on what we've been practicing in drills for the past couple weeks. 3 x 1000m. Just steady swimming. Keep the focus, and keep the technique. Great swim.

Apres swim Hard Core was a little less than Hard Core. We'll call it a little bit of ab work. That was the core recovery day. Tomorrow we'll rock it Hard Core.

Work at OB Rec with a new PT Client was coolio. It's fun to teach new exercises to anyone who is gung-ho.

Breakfast time, Nap time, time to go grocery shopping, time to eat again, and then it's run time.

These are all good times. Run time consisted of 45 minutes base on the treads. The pace clock read 4:15 and HR was 131. I think running on a treadmill must be easy.

Dinner time, rest time, stretch time, time for ice cream, and bed time.

T-4 more sleeps until Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my most favorite of ALL holidays and favorite time of the year for that matter. More on this in the next few days...