Man, it was pouring this morning. I thought, "Sweet, run practice this afternoon in the rain!"
It dried up this afternoon and we had did a 60 minute run at Elk/Beaver with 20 minutes of steady state. Keep 'er steady state. Good talk on the run.

Swimming this morning was a blast. We upped the kick volume and rocked a solid set of drills. Apres swim core session was Hard Core. It's sweet to have a couple other people to do it with.

After swimming Scotty and I rocked some delicious Saturated Fat. Omelets to the X-treme with bacon and cheese. We balanced off a little of the Sat Fat with a couple tomatoes, onions, and obviously mushrooms. Throw down a couple potat's and we were ready for some prep work for the Run for the Homeless.

Things are rock'n and roll'n with the Run/Walk for the Homeless. We met with some important people down at the Victoria Cool Aid building today. It's going to be another great event this year. We're starting early, so prepare yourself now for what will be the greatest run event this side of New Years...

I was thinking about just how lucky we are. Here I am, LIVING in this city, in this part of the world, LOVING, LAUGHING, healthy, happy... how great it is.

This was definitely the day of omelets. Dinner was a Spanish Omelet with red and orange peppers, spinach, tomatoes and potatoes. Clearly coated with ketchup. It doesn't get any better than this.

This evening at work my goal was to be able to stand on one leg on one of the medicine balls for at least 10 seconds straight without falling off. I did it just before my shift ended at 9pm. That was sweet. Next time I'll try and make it a minute.

Time to hit the hay. Catch ya on the bright side.