T - 2 Sleeps

I think that one of the secrets to training, racing, and life as a whole is to simply Take Care of Your Self. I would like go into this more, but I'll save it for an earlier evening or possibly afternoon post.

Thanksgiving is indeed my favourite holiday of the Year. There are absolutely no expectations surrounding Thanksgiving. It's simply about being thankful for all that we have. What do we do for the Thanksgiving holiday? We visit our family and friends! We share delicious food. We go for walks, appreciate Autumn Colours, and the beautiful world we live in.

It's really the best part of every holiday conveniently arranged in one weekend. Christmas, Birthdays, Easter... they are all great, but there's definitely something special about Thanksgiving. Any opportunity to enjoy good, healthy food with friends and family... I'll be there. This is probably one of my favourite past times. Cooking food for a group of friends, sitting down, enjoying each others company, and just living in the perfect moment.

Let's recap the day. Still a soar throat this morning, but the steamed hippie underpants tea kicked in before too long. We did a 400TT kick this morning. Last year it would have been an amazing feat for me to just finish...this year 7:43. I'm looking forward to the next chance we have to do that one again when I'm firing on all cylinders. 7:20. Maktub!

We did another decent core session today... I was motivated by some other athletes to get 'er done, otherwise I would have just done a good stretch. It's great to have other athletes there to push you along when you need it.

Back home and I crashed in bed for two and a half hours. Wow I needed that sleep.

PacSport booth for just over an hour at the Marathon Expo. Sweet to see so many keen people living a healthy lifestyle.

I had a quick visit with the butcher, and he hooked me up with a couple lbs of some tasty bison for the weekend. mmmmm.

I have a new book to get into this evening. Nothing like a new book that you've been looking forward to reading for a while.

Lots more to write, but you'll have to read my Autobiography.