Scientific Method ... Nuts to that.

Yesterday I decided to stop at nothing to put an end to the bug. So, I basically threw every herbal / food remedy I could think of on a list and tried them all together in one day.

The result: Success! However, I have no idea what it was that made the difference. It could have simply been just one more days rest and the extra sleep. Or, maybe it was all that garlic. I imagine it was a combination of things. Either way I'm feeling much better and had 2 good swim practices today.

Thankfully there was no TT today as I'm getting back into it after two days in bed. The morning swim was all about kick, and the afternoon was all about catching good water and holding good form.

Now that we're back in business, I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off with all the exciting progressions.

It's list time...