Rattatatta taattaattaat,

This is where it's at.

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "this here, right now, this is where I am meant to be." That is just what I felt today at the beginning of swim #2. Right now I am meant to be in the water.

The double swim is great. It's not really a heavy load on the body, and I can tell the benefits are huge. Just by spending that extra time swimming, I notice a difference in how my stroke feels in the water. It's almost like you're already warmed up when you jump in. There isn't that need to quickly relearn and remember what it is you are working on. You can make progress from where you left off in the morning, taking further steps than possible in just a couple morning hours.

This afternoon we did an underwater swimming drill where we needed to streamline off the wall for 20m, experimenting with head position. I have been told that head position is important; today I felt why. The difference in resistance is massive. Swimming with your head just a bit above the arms is like throwing out a drag chute. No need to pull one of those around.

In the morning we had a decent 1200m kick set, for a total of 1700 this morning. Strangely enough I generally feel better as kick sets progress. I think it's just a matter of the body becoming more efficient once it realizes it will be kicking for a while. PK told us of an epic 4 x 800m descending kick set, where the last 800 needed to be faster than the first three, otherwise you get to make it an even 4k. Sweetness. I hope we get to rock that one this year, only the penalty for not descending will be 10 x the observatory. I'm serious. Then we can go do 10x the observatory anyways.

400TT tomorrow. wickedness. It's been written, now make it so.

Today I busted out more of "The Arsenal." One full head of garlic, roasted with olive oil of course. Fortunately I don't think anybody noticed.

Tonight I will break out a needle and thread for the speedo. That hole is getting a little out of hand.