October De Fo(r)T

Happy B-Day to the G-Man! The G-Money-Honey. The G-Tar. The G Unit???
21 Is a sweet number. Make this year yours!

Swim this morning was decent. I woke up to the crash bang of dishes, headache, ahhh.
Time for Green Tea and Apple Cider Vinegar with some Honey to clear up the head. Perfect, I feel great again.

We had a 400TT this morning. I took 'er down in 5:15. I was expecting a little more swimming before the 400 free swim (timed) to be put up in black on the white, so my previous statement of 5:10 for the first 400TT....well, I'm just going to have to dominate that next time with a 5:05. Maktub!

Yeah...I'll have to say all in all it was a good swim. But let me ask you this: Where does your energy come from? Mine comes from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...

Ok, now I'm home for a breakfast of spicy bean burritos. This cold stands no chance. Nor do the people walking behind my treadmill.

One of the best remedies by far is just the simple apple cider vinegar with honey mixed in water concoction. My Grandpa used to recommend this for practically everything. Plus, "If it's good for the horses, it's good for you too."

I think there's actually a biochemical reason for this one. Something to do with the acetic acid acid in the vinegar shifting the acid-base balance in your body way over to the acid side. Then the bug is like: "sweet, we like acidic environments," but your body says "Ha, tricked ya. The buffer in your blood is going to overcompensate and shift this maa into alkaline, foo."

At work I decided I will be trying out for Circ de Soleil pretty soon with my single leg, single medicine ball balance skills. I was entertained for at least an hour with that, leaving me with little time to clean the machines....shame.

I just finished loading up with some curry, and will take one more hit of apple cider vinegar before hitting the hay. Then it's off to that sweet place where I can fly. See ya there.