Dummied! x 2

Great day today. I've got a couple funny stories too.

Let's begin with the pre-swim core session led by PK. Solid core session, I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I felt a little sloppy at the beginning of the swim as the abs were a little tired. Just a little more focus in that direction and all is good. Catch and Rotate!

Now apres swim stretch and I will make a long story short. The Waveside Cafe above the pool has the best muffins in town, bar none. Basically I was fooled by Bill (one of the dudes who works at the pool) into eating a muffin that PK had bought for himself while PK was on the phone. Good laugh, and with all the commotion plates are dropping, the till register doesn't work and everything is happening at once. The essence of funnyness. You kinda had to be there. Dummied x1

Then we checked out what could be new team coats from Frontrunners. I thought the Craft ones look pretty sweet. Definitely warm too.

Then Personal Training at OBRec. I put today's client through a fairly challenging lower body workout. I think it was thoroughly enjoyed. Time for meetings with 2 more clients and then lunch.

Nap time. (cut short due to construction next door, but it's all good 'cause I felt rested)

Stop by Oak Bay Bikes... New Cyclocross Bike! Norco CCX2, or something like that. The most important things are #1: it's orange, and #2: It's going to be a wicked winter bike which will allow me to hit up some trails. Maybe race this weekend up in Duncan! Time to get strong! We're also looking into new race bikes for next year. Right now I'm toying with the idea of the new Specialized Transition. No details yet, as we're definitely in the preliminary stages here...

Run practice where we nailed some hard tempo at Cedar Hill. One loop w/u. 15 minutes as 5Tempo, 5Hard Tempo, 5 Harder Tempo. 6 x 75 m strides. 5 x 1:15 Hill Repeats Fartlek style. Drills. Cool Down Loop. Stretch. MAN, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE DOING SOME REAL RUNNING AGAIN!!

Now to make an even longer story even shorter:

Apres Run...
"Where are my keys?" .... after careful inspection in and around the car... "Not here."
"Can I please get a ride home?"
"Can I please borrow your car pick up the spare set from my Gran's house?"
"Can you please drive with me out to Gran's house and drive back the other car once I get the keys?"
"Can I please borrow the spare set of keys?"

Now, back at Cedar Hill...
Another look for the keys and there they are sitting in the suspension system of the front driver side wheel..... Don't ask. Dummied x 2

Now I sleep.