The Theme: Wild Game
The Stars of the Show: Elk, Venison, Goose, and Rainbow Trout
The Result: Deliciousness

Last night we had our Family Thanksgiving dinner. I always enjoy spending time with the family. It's a good time to feel grounded with people you've known your whole life. We still have a "kid's table" where my cousins, brother, and I sit and laugh. Awesome. Like I said before, things really haven't changed since I was 8. I still like riding bikes in the rain and eat at the "kid's" table.

As far as training goes, I was still a little bit under the weather yesterday morning. So, I opted for extra sleep and did an OYO swim in the afternoon before heading out to dinner. I felt SLOW for the 1st couple hundred meters. By the time I got through the 1st 1500 I was feeling great! and really happy to be in water swimming. It was nice to swim at my own pace for an entire drill/swim set, where I could focus entirely on my stroke and not the clock.

4K later it was time for a really quick shower and off to dinner.
This morning I busted out the big guns to shed the bug. Gargle with Tabasco Sauce, and chew on a clove of garlic. mmmm garlic.

Thanks for being there last night.