Last night it was starting to become a little stormy. You know what that means.... It means it's almost Fall, and you know what that means.... That means it's time for Fall training. Awesome.

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. It's great for training because I like running in the rain, and love windy rides. In the pool we keep the focus of our time on technical improvements. That's all good because I can feel the difference in doing drills now, from a year ago when I started with the NTC program.

Anytime it's stormy I'm in a good mood to go out and train. Maybe it's something about the added level of "hardcoreness" or just plain excitement. Let's go riding when the wind is so strong you can hardly stay on your bike. Or, let's go running when it's so wet you're crossing rivers in soaked shoes with a big smile on your face!

Another sweet part about fall is the food. Apples are absolutely my all time favorite fruit. I've recently decided that my favorite vegetable is squash, all varieties. Butternut probably tops the list. Butternut squash soup with a little apple / carrots/ whatever else is kick'n around .... there's a fall kitchen classic.

Training today consisted of a nice base run at Elk Lake. Double loop... 80ish minutes. Sweet.

The title today refers to my bro who is currently rock'n out on the Viola. Sounds great!