The Rising

There ya go. That's the day, that's the theme.

I woke up this morning to even more fog than yesterday and I knew it would be a sweet day. After my mandatory oatmeal with yoghurt, I headed up to Mt. Tolmie to get a feel for the day.

What a sweet day it is. I remembered something my ski coach from Guelph told me about the off season and technique. He told me to make every stride as perfect as I possibly could. Perfect technique on every stride. EVERY STRIDE. Every stride is better than the one before it. I guess it's all about being present in what I'm doing, always. Every stroke is perfect....

That's what I was thinking this morning in the pool. I was also trying to be very conscious of the whereabouts of my hands. Be in your hands, and know where they are. Super sensitivity to kinesthetic awareness.

Yesterday's run had smooth written all over it. An hour on the treads at base pace breathing slowly leaves me feeling great. Springstein's "The Rising" was a must listen for this one

This afternoon I will be doing a base run with the group out at Beaver Lake. Sharpie will be racing, so there will be some serious chirping coming from this direction.

I'll leave ya with some pictures of "The Rising."