Post Numero Uno

The past couple mornings it has been really foggy. I love that. Something about fog is just plain awesome.

Swim this morning: Absolute Awesomeness

It's sweet to be back swimming with the group at Commonwealth Place. The group is a blast from the past with lots of great energy; and the Neil (swim master) Harvey/ Patrick (the man) Kelly combination on deck is unstoppable.
This morning's set was the standard intro to fall building session including some drills, 500 pull's, and my absolute favourite, breast stroke with a pull bouy. Short little session of Hard Core apres swim and it doesn't get any better than that.

For breakfast I created this brew called "Buttaple Pork." All you need to do is throw some leftover roasted butternut squash, some fresh applesauce, and a pork chop or two into a pan, mix it up with a little seasoning, and you've got deliciousness baby, yeah.

This afternoon will consist of a treadmill run where I hold my breath for as many footsteps as possible. Reduced breathing works with swimming, how about running? It'll be in the nature of an hour with a little build in the middle.

Then I'll be attending at OBRec and back home for some more eating.

It's sunny again. I love Victoria.