Melting Chocolate

Another great day.... lots happened and I've got lots of thoughts to write down for my journal later on this evening.

I guess the overlying theme for the day is that people are awesome. How amazing is it when you can say that everyone in your life is supportive, encouraging, positive, happy, really just helpful in guiding along the way? It's definitely amazing.

I'm just back from a NTC wrap up dinner at the Sharpe's place. It was a fun evening with lots of great food, laughs, and encouraging conversation about the year to come! A big shout out to Barb for hosting, and brewing up some delicious nourishment; and also to Richard for the awesome photography throughout the season. That slide show was the definition of sweetness.

Training was good today. We just had an easy base ride along the waterfront. 3.25hrs with one decent sprint tossed in the mix. PK and I duked it out for the finish. I left it to the last second and took it by a hair. I thought it was in the bag before, then I heard this "come on stevo!" as PK flew past. Fun Fun Fun.

We checked out some cross bikes at Oak Bay Bikes today. It looks like I'll be rockin' the trails this winter on a bright orange bike. Can't wait. Just look out for the orange lightning.

I tested the paws in some desert creation this afternoon. Now I know how to melt chocolate.