Another Beaut-ay of a day.

To begin... mindful breathing at Willows Beach, and a pink sunrise. Great way to start the day. Next I'm off to the good ol' Saanich Commonwealth Place for swimming. It is such a sweet place to swim.

We had the pleasure of an early season 200m TT this morning. I told myself: "Do it in 2:30 and that's ok for the early season." The clock said 2:30:04. Failure.....just kidding.....hahaha. I have found this more and more lately where I tell myself I will swim or run, or even bike a certain interval in a given time, and I hit that time, right on. That's intention.

So, the first 200m TT will translate into 5:10 for my first 400m TT of the season. Then, by January it's 5:00. In March it will be 4:55, and in April it will be 4:45. Maktub! (It is written!)

The rest of the swim was decent, as I found some good rhythm during the 1000m Snorkel/Fins/Paddles.

Next was the meeting with PK. Awesome talk, I'm feel'n it. I'll give the water a little taste/smell test for the 70.3 series this summer. Gonna be sweeeet! Cyclocross, yeah that's right + my dolphin transformation = great fun and a wicked awesome season starting to brew on the stove. Now that I've got the ingredients for this stew, it's time to be a prep chef. Remember to take the nasty centre bit out of the garlic cloves.

Some great energy work in the afternoon and I was grounded for a little fun on the treadmill....45 minutes base (4:30 pace).

Work from 3:30-6:30 and then a visit with the car sponsors. (The Ol' man and my Gran.)

Tonight's sunset was out of this world. I'll have the camera with me next time.

Now it's bed time. Catchya in the dream world.