Brother in Arms

To my Brothers in Arms:  There’s no task too great, no conversation too wild, no topic untouchable. There’s just 100% openness.  It’s 100% Pure, 100% Raw, 100% Real.  

This is where I’m at, the deepest part of my soul, all that I have, and all that I could ever be.  This is where we are.  This is the true self, someone who is seen and heard.  Someone who is understood, and someone who is listened to.

To the Brothers in Arms:  There is team.  There is symbiosis.  There is power.  There is strength. There is a synchronicity.

This is where we accomplished the unimaginable, hardly speaking of it again, knowing it was 23 hours as close to perfection as either of us had ever experienced.

The Brother in Arms is a teacher to my soul and my spirit.  Thank you.