Ironman Texas

Today was a good day and it has nothing to do with triathlon.  In fact, I’ll be honest, the race outcome was a little devastating.


Today was a good day because I woke up and went to bed in a house full of people who love and care for each other.

Today was a good day because I was able to head out the door and play a sport I love.

Today was a good day because I learned just how bad I can feel and still find the finish line.

There’s a difference between hurting and feeling bad.  When you’re racing well, the hurt feels so good.  The hurt lets you know that you’re doing it right.  The hurt is an awesome thing.

Feeling bad racing is a different kind of thing.  For a variety of reasons, the body just isn’t firing on all cylinders.  The specific details don’t really matter, because in the moment of racing, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between feeling bad and hurting.  The only answer is to keep going.  Keep fighting for every step.  Reflect on it at home.  Figure it out later.  Right now the only answer is to keep standing up and put one foot in front of the other.

After pouring the last 20 weeks into preparation for this race, having things fall apart only ½ way through the bike made for a long ride home and an even longer few loops around Lake Woodlands.

The day itself was just a day.  The sun came up, the sun went down.  In between, just like most other days, there was a mix of swimming, biking, and running.

I’ll take that and call it a good day.