Man, where to start with Owen.

It was 5:20 pm and we were both at the basement lockers lacing up the boots to rollerski.  120 minutes steady. Or was it 1:20 steady.  Who knows?  Just go ski.

“Killer, you skiing tonight?  Wanna hit up the ‘burbs loop?”

“Sure do man.  What’s the ‘burbs loop?”  Outwardly I was trying to act all cool, but on the inside, I was super stoked to have the invite.  I pretty much didn’t know what I was doing, and in my own mind roller skiing with Owen was like shooting hoops with Michael Jordan.

“Yeah, it’s just this loop I do over on the South side of town.”

For the rest of the semester, I followed Owen around that burbs loop.  I think watching someone doing something while trying to replicate it in real time is absolutely the best way to learn anything.

Somewhere around loop #280, we heard a cry coming from a front door,  “Fluffums?  Where’s fluffums?  Come home fluffums . . .”  That part may or may not be true, but that’s what Owen heard.  I laughed so hard I could hardly stand up straight for the rest of the night.

Learning & training were serious, but there were also funny moments that probably deepened the learning even further.  The ability to bring humor, light, and laughter to a training session, while maintaining a purposeful intention to the task at hand is a gift, and Owen has this gift.

Those were among the best sessions I remember.  Thank you my friend.