The other day I asked a good friend what he would like to see on the blog.  His reply was, “Stevo, I would like to hear your thought process.  What makes you tick.  Honest and open.”

Right on.  We’re taking it old school, just like the original blog used to be.  

The story starts just like many triathlon stories, with a cup of coffee.  

For me, coffee is a ritual.  It’s how I wake up, and quite honestly, many times I fall asleep thinking about the next morning’s coffee.  Every day I make it the same way, and every day I drink it from the same mug which Robyn gave me for my 24th birthday.  Making and drinking the coffee are all part of the morning ritual, a routine that makes me calm and helps me feel “ in control.”  If I drink a coffee from this mug, all will be well.

Then comes travel.  I’ve thought about traveling with this mug, but it’s just too special.  Disc wheels and Di2 can be replaced.  They’re expensive, but that’s about it.  The mug stays at home.

Even though I have been away from the mug for quite a while now, much of the coffee ritual has stayed the same: grinding, boiling, waiting, pressing, pouring, and then, in an instant of consideration, “Something feels different.”

Five weeks ago I looked at my coffee and it felt . . . different.  A few days ago I realized I was drinking from that same mug.  I felt comfortable, “in control.”

Here’s where the thought process comes in.  As triathletes, we measure all sorts of physiological things: HRV, Power, HR, Stroke Rate, Stride Rate, Seconds, Miles, Minutes, and Hours.  Some of us probably rank our psychological state on a sliding scale and track the trends.  Is there a correlation?  Either way we probably assume some kind of causation :S . . .

Rather than ranking a state, how about just paying attention to our thought process?  What is my thought process right now?  What am I thinking about?  Have my thoughts about one thing changed recently?  What might that say about the overall state of my body and being?

It took some time to become comfortable with the new coffee mug, but comfort came, and I think that might just say something . . .

Rest well :)