When Robyn and I got married, Scotty made a toast in which he shared a secret.

“When Stevo joined the Centre I didn’t like him.  I went home and told my family there’s a new guy I don’t like.”

Oh man, writing this makes me laugh.  I can just picture it, and all I can say is fair enough my friend.  There was very little visible athletic reason for me to be training with you guys back then.

Scotty was one of the best Junior triathletes in the country and was very talented in the water.  I however, pretty much didn’t know how to swim.  At the first practice, after I jumped in the water and took a few strokes Scotty must have been on deck either laughing or shaking his head.

The amazing thing though, was that I had no idea Scotty felt this way.  Right away, Scotty took it upon himself to make me feel comfortable and welcome.  He took it upon himself to teach me what training looked like outside of practice.  (Some of you are laughing right now, but honestly, there was a lot to learn:))  What’s the way to recover between sessions?  How do you pace yourself throughout a workout, a training week, or even a season?

These are big lessons, but they don’t even begin to measure up to what Scotty taught me.  We spent so much time together, eventually renaming ourselves sx2, and becoming the best of friends.

It’s hard for me to summarize all that Scotty taught me, but after all our adventures I go back to first thing Scotty did for me: He gave me a chance to become an athlete alongside him.  It’s pretty massive from someone who has spent 90% of their life training for something to welcome a complete beginner, and I’m so grateful Scotty was the one to be there for me.

The list of our adventures is long and keeps growing.  Starting back nearly a decade ago with working on the original Run/Walk for the Homeless to crashing coach’s birthday this year, we’ve had and continue to have our share of fun.

Thank you for being you Scotty and for being there for me.  I think some more sx2 time is in order.