Next, I would like to introduce you to Trevor Myshrall.  I had the absolute pleasure of working with Trevor for the 16 months leading up to Ironman Mont Tremblant this year.  One of the cool things with Trevor is that inspiration is absolutely a two-way street, or more like the launching pad for a space ship:)

Trevor has 5 kids and is such a committed Father and Husband.  Racing for him has so much more meaning than just numbers.  As soon as we started working together he told me that he would be racing for a cause.  “Steve, for me this just has to be about more than me.” This year he raced IM Tremblant for the Multiple Myeloma Foundation. So awesome buddy.

Another awesome thing about Trevor is that one of his goals is to race every Ironman in North America.  

In talking about training and life on the phone every week, we get to know one and other pretty well.  We shared our stories and our life throughout the year, appreciating the highs and lows of training, so when we finally were able to sit down together it was like sitting down with an old friend.

For me there were so many great parts about IM Tremblant, but one of the highlights was definitely having Trevor’s bike racked right close to mine in T1.  It really felt like we were out there racing together on the day.

Every Ironman is an adventure, and IM Tremblant 2016 was certainly no exception.  Trevor went out there on race day and fought for every step finishing in 13:52 on what is one of the best finish lines in the sport of Ironman.  It was such a well earned day Trevor, and I’m so honoured to be your coach.

The inspiration is much much more than a 2-way street.  It truly is a launching pad to infinite possibility.  Thank you for the inspiration, Trevor.