It must be somehow appropriate that I’m enjoying a Blue Bridge Double Pale Ale as I’m writing this post.

PK was my coach for 2 years while I was at the National Triathlon Centre, but something tells me he’s been my coach for much longer than that.  Who knows where that comes from?  It just does.

Honestly, I’m kind of struggling with where to start on the PK story.  The PK story . . . It’s more than swim, bike, run . . .  

I think that it would probably take a few lifetimes for me to fully understand what PK is bringing to the table, so I’m just going to start by sharing a few stories.

It was a Saturday morning, mid summer.  We had just finished our Durrance Lake Swim / Bike brick workouts and were headed out for a steady ride.  (These bricks were awesome by the way: 3 - 5x 400m swim all out, 10 minutes hill climb race to the mailboxes.)  We were saddling up on the hogs and I was pretty sore in the glutes, like really sore.  I explained the situation to PK, attributing my soreness to perhaps our Friday night workout on the velodrome.  PK’s comment was simple, “What are you going to do about it?”

It sounds harsh, but there was a lot of caring in that comment.  It wasn’t about brushing it off, saying the problem isn’t relevant, or even that I’m on my own in solving it.  PK was trying to get me to identify the problem.  Then identify the solution.  From the very beginning, PK had told me that one of his goals was to teach each of us how to train properly.  He rarely missed an opportunity to teach.

Fast forward a few years to a Friday afternoon when I hadn’t been officially coached by PK for more than a year.  I had moved onto Long Distance triathlon, but of course PK and I were still in touch.  PK had just arrived at my basement suite to pick up a set of wheels he had leant me years before.  We sat down at the kitchen table and PK looked at me saying, “So this is where you live, Stevo.”

“Yep, this is where Robyn and I live”

His smiling eye’s replied, “That’s great Stevo.”

It was a small space: 1 room, 300sq feet including bed, bath, & kitchen.  PK knew.

“You don’t need much to be happy Stevo.  You have everything you need.”

You have everything you need.  That’s great.  Be Happy.  

They’re simple statements, but they mean so much in the context of the 2 years Patrick spent coaching me.  It’s not really something that I can explain in one blog post, perhaps in time. . . 

Then there's the Double Pale Ale . . . PK knows.  He just knows.

Thank you Patrick.  I feel like I’ve spent a lifetime learning from you & I could spend many more doing the same.