Jonathan, JT, Torch, The Terminator. . . I dunno, I just made that last one up right now, but I think The Terminator would be a good nickname for Jonathan.

Jonathan is another one of the athletes that I’m privileged to work with from our Winnipeg crew.  We started working together in early 2015 with the plan of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  JT is a super talented runner who also works as a Paramedic which means night shifts, long shifts, and probably lots of stuff I’ve never heard of.

I’ve coached Jonathan now for 2 years, and can honestly say that I’ve never heard him complain about work.   There are days where he has a training session after working 12 hours overnight and his comment will be, “Yeah, I just got ‘er done.”  It could be JT’s attitude, or something about the Winnipeg Winters that creates the toughness, either way it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that his attitude is awesome, and so is JT.  

He wants it badly too.  Honestly he wants it so badly, sometime my toughest job is to just slow him down.

It didn’t take long before JT wanted to race an Ironman.  In fact, one morning in late 2015 I woke up to a text message screenshot from him.  “Congratulations on registering for Ironman Arizona 2016!”  and “I bought a wetsuit.”

Fast forward through 2016 and we arrive to our first ever 1/2 Ironman.  The race goal was 5:45.  "I'd be stoked with 5:45!" was JT's comment going in.

Finish time: 5:43

During our chat after the race JT proclaimed, "I know... right? But I could have gone faster!"

Of course you could have JT, of course:)  That's the fight inside.  Keep going.  Keep going faster. That's the fight that's deep inside JT and so many other athletes.  It's something I as a coach can take no credit for.  That's all you JT.  Well done.

Fast forward one more time and we're looking back on the journey of becoming an Ironman!  You did it my friend.  My words are insufficient to exclaim how proud I am.  I'll let your photo do all the talking.