Dave and I started working together just over a year ago.  We met when he and his wife hosted me at Ironman 70.3 Calgary in 2015.

There are so many cool things about Dave.  He plays the guitar, well.  He speaks Spanish.  He rides a sweet motorcycle, and he does triathlon.  It’s pretty awesome for me find someone who does so many cool things that I would like to do.

He also has this great laid back attitude when it comes to sport.  But don’t let that laissiez faire first impression fool you, Dave wants it more than most people could ever imagine.  He has that deep burning desire, the will, the inner strength.

This becomes pretty apparent after just a few conversations with Dave. It’s even more obvious once you get to know him a little bit.  This dude can run through pain.

He would be the first one to tell you that he feels crumby for backing off because of the pain in a race, but I’m pretty sure that level of pain would flatten most of us.  The fact is, Dave’s both a fighter and has a very generous heart.  I really believe one of the reasons he can fight so hard is because much of the time, he’s doing it for someone else.

He raced an entire Ironman to be there with the person he loves!  An Ironman!  That’s a special kind of fight Dave, and you're one special dude.

It’s my pleasure and honour to work with you.