Our next athlete spotlight is on Carla Jackman.  I first met Carla in the summer of 2015 at 70.3 Calgary when she and her husband hosted me at their home in Calgary for the weekend.  We hit it off pretty much right away, must be something about being fellow dog people:)

Right away i could feel Carla’s passion for the sport.  She has the passion, but at the same time is so relaxed and low key going into races.  Carla’s the kind of person who will drive 8 hours to race 12 hours in Penticton.  After the race she will drive the 8 hours home and be at work the next morning.  That takes passion.  It also takes the ability to just roll with things.  These are just 2 of Carla’s admirable qualities which have taught me so much.

I had the pleasure of starting to work with Carla as her official coach in January of this year.  We first targeted Ironman Texas where redemption from a previous attempt was her primary goal.  Years before, Carla was pulled off the course after a bike crash just 20 miles in and she was going to finish this race come hell or high water. . . 

Well, we’ve all read the reports from IM Texas this year, and even high water couldn't stop her!  I

was sitting in a hotel lobby enjoying a few recovery beverages with my buddy Scotty and the Texas sky just opened up.  I had never seen rain like that before.  It was no match for Carla’s passion and winning attitude.  She rolled with the mandatory starts and stops of the race, and crossed the finish line, one more time as an IRONMAN!

The remainder of the summer saw lots of travel along with a few “let’s just do this for fun” races.  Then in August, the focus shifted for Carla to run the NYC marathon in early November, and run it she did.  Carla ran a full 15 minutes faster than she did last year, which ended up being a 5 minute personal best for the distance!

Who would have thought that all those trainer rides through the winter would make you such a strong marathon runner in November?  I know at least one person who believed you could do it;)

Keep up the great work Carla.  I’m super proud of you and so excited for 2017!!