Cameron Mackintosh (Bowers:))

Wow.  Cameron.  Where do I even begin to start with Cameron?  I’ve seen Cameron grow so much as an athlete and as a person over the past 5 years.  This year I had my mind blown wide open by Cameron and her husband Bryson at their wedding.  Before we get there, let’s rewind to Wildflower 2010, the first race I got to see Cameron perform.

Wildflower is known as one of the most challenging 1/2 Iron distances races around.  Cameron raced it as a 20 year old!  What else can I say other than when this girl sets her mind to something, the world had better watch out!  Even the photo to the left showcases the mental strength.  I think I was perched on a bench wearing 11 layers while Cameron was grinding out mile repeats up and down this hill in gale force wind and rain.  I was so honoured when Cameron asked me to be her coach for her 1st Ironman, Penticton in 2011.  

Over the past 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of a front row seat as Cameron has raced all over the world at Ultra Distance running events, multiple Ironman’s and Age Group World Championships.  Since the beginning, coaching her has always been my pleasure.

One of my favourite stories about Cameron came from Ironman Canada in 2014.  Cameron smashed the bike ride that year.  We’re talking about a 20 minute lead off the bike!  Her comment after the race was, “I thought I was so far back, so I just kept riding as hard as I could.”  I love that, “I just kept riding as hard as I could.”  That kind of attitude is just so awesome.  I just kept riding. . . as hard as I could.  I was, and still am so proud of her for that race, that attitude, and so many other things.

This year something very special happened.  Cameron & Bryson got married!

Watching Cameron & Bryson train together was always so great.  They have this super cool vibe of competitive caring.  They’re both competitive wicked awesome athletes, (more on Bryson as an athlete to come in the following days:)) and they’re both super caring people.  They have this ability to just bring out the best in each other at each workout.

This special relationship carries far above and beyond their training and racing.  Their wedding was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.  Fun and Love were tangible throughout the weekend.  You could see it, touch it, smell it, feel it.  They were just there, Fun and Love, literally in the air.

There’s a bright shining future for Cameron and Bryson, and I’m sure there’s a special athletic adventure brewing somewhere in their collective imagination.

You’re both super awesome.  Thank you for letting me be part of the journey:)