Natural Tempo

The tempo evens out naturally.  You’ve finally figured out the tune, the verse seems to make sense.  It sounds alright too.  Is this a song?  If it is, then what makes it a song?  Could it be my song?  Would it be a song for anybody else?

It sounds like a song to me.  It’s fun to play.  I think it’s a song.  I think there’s something here.  It’s when the tempo starts to balance out naturally.  That’s the moment, the moment you’ve found the tempo.  It just rolls off your fingers, and under your feet.  Synchronized with whatever else.  Something else, whatever it is.

Your tune is in tune.

Sometimes you sit down to play and it happens right away.  The gun goes off and it’s a perfect pitch as time stands still.

Sometimes you know what you’re trying to play.  You can hear it in your head, the notes, the patterns, the rhythms, but it just doesn’t sound the way you hear it.  You still like practicing though.

Then, again there’s that moment, the one where you find your tune, that moment of timelessness.


Enjoy that moment and play.  


When you find yourself asking: “Is this the “right” thing to do? Do I race here or go there? This class or that? This path or that? Ask yourself, can you imagine the tempo starting to even out naturally?


Finally, after all that asking, just keep practicing :)


Rest well.